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Hormone Replacement Treatment - HRT

Advantages of HRT
         Relief of Climacteric Symptoms
Danger of HRT
Pre Treatment Assessment
Types of HRT
Conventional Treatment Options
        Women with a Uterus
        Women after Hysterectomy
        Medicolegal Issues
Vaginal HRT
Hormonal Implants 
Troches (Lozenges) - Compounded
Other Commercial Treatments

For details of the chemistry, hormone receptor biology, metabolism of estrogen & properties of natural and synthetic hormones download the power point presentation by clicking the button above.

Dangers HRT 4_edited.jpg
Types of HRT_edited.jpg
Pharmaceutical & Compounded Medications_
HRT Conventional Options 2_edited.jpg
Vaginal HRT_edited.jpg
estradiol and Testosterone Implants_edit
Hormonal Troches_edited.jpg
Other Commercial HRT Treatments_edited.j
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